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Office of County Executive
Mark A. Hackel

Pretrial Services

The purpose of pretrial services programming is to identify low risk defendants who can be released in to the community with limited or no conditions of supervision while they proceed through the court process and moderate risk defendants who can be effectively supervised in the community with appropriate release conditions.

Pretrial Monitoring Services can include a number of different conditions including telephone reporting, in-person reporting, drug and/or alcohol testing, electronic monitoring through a variety of different devices, participation in treatment services, etc.


How It Works

Individuals are screened by Pretrial Specialists with Community Corrections using a risk and needs screening tool that utilizes evidence-based factors to determine appropriateness for community supervisions and any applicable community supervision conditions.   A full criminal history, review of active warrants, and jail history is completed and participant information is verified with family or friends.  A report is then provided to the court, prior to arraignment when possible.  The information and recommendations are used to make informed bond decisions individual to each person screened by Pretrial Services.

Should the court adopt those recommendations, Community Corrections is informed and the individual is enrolled in programming prior to being released from custody.  Courts are provided with bond status reports including any non-compliance with programming while they in the community.  



-Impacts limited jail bed space, allowing for higher risk individuals to be detained.

-Allows defendants to remain in a stable environment regarding employment, housing, family, finances, and treatment services.  

-Moderate and high risk individuals who receive pretrial supervision services are significantly more likely to appear for court than those who post a monetary bond and have no community supervision.

-The likelihood of an individual to fail to appear for court increases as the time they spend incarcerated before sentencing increases.


Pretrial Services Manager

Taylor Hartz, B.A., C.P.S.P. 586-307-9550


Pretrial Services Specialists

Justin Gomoluch, B.A. 586-307-9672

Lori George, B.S 586-307-9326

Elizabeth Zavala, B.A. 586-469-1302

Rebecca Harla, B.A. 586-469-7491


Links To Service Providers For Pretrial Services Programming

TAP/Class A Training

Onsite Testing

House Arrest Services



Many Pretrial Services participants are automatically screened shortly after arrest if they are transported directly to the Macomb County Jail.  Others may be referred by any District or Circuit Court in Macomb County, Prosecutor’s Office, defense counsel, interdisciplinary referral from jail-based programs, family, etc.  The referral form can be found in the “Referrals” section of this site.