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Mark A. Hackel

Blog About It

Storytelling... It's a skill that can make gatherings more enjoyable, experiences more memorable and can give life and vibrancy to its subject matter. It's also the latest transformation in media and communications. Blogging is a way to showcase something with more life and a humanized twist. Great media writers have been doing this for years in the New York Times (think: Russell Baker), Detroit Free Press (think: Neal Shine) or Macomb Daily (think: Chad Selewski).

As we buy less newspapers, media budgets have shrunken, shifted and moved to a new medium: The Blog. What we have today is a much more dispersed writing market with self-driven content. You might say it’s taking out the middleman (the newspaper), but really, it offers a competitive platform to market on your own. Whether it’s yourself, your organization or your company, you have the power to tell that story.

Here in Macomb County, we seized that opportunity with the Make Macomb Your Home Blog. This endeavor is headed up by Sarah Cormier and Nick Posavetz. Sarah and Nick have reached out to our local schools, entertainment venues, community leaders and business owners for their stories. These stories unveil the many threads of our county fabric and showcase what we offer as a lifestyle in Macomb. Check it out here.

They need to hear from you. What do you find amazing, unique or worthwhile in your adventures? Can we share that with the Make Macomb Your Home readers? Contact Sarah and Nick at and and let them know your story.