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Office of County Executive
Mark A. Hackel

Macomb Matters January 2020 Issue 68

Click for a pdf of Macomb Matters



Message from Mark


Welcome to the first issue of Macomb Matters for 2020! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a productive start to the new year.

Now, as we look ahead at the calendar and plan for what’s next, it’s important to take time and celebrate our accomplishments from 2019. If you attended my State of the County address in December, you might have heard me list off a few of these achievements, including:

  • Our Health Department receiving a $270,000 grant from the State of Michigan to expand the Nurse-Family Partnership Program, which empowers first-time moms to transform their lives and create better futures for themselves and their babies.
  • Macomb’s model Head Start program bringing in more than $10 million dollars in federal funds. It is now offering classes in 19 of 21 school districts across the county.
  • Our Office of Senior Services delivering more than 430,000 Meals on Wheels to individuals with limited mobility.
  • Our Animal Control Division launching a new digital pet tagging system that can be synched with any smartphone to reunite a lost pet with its owner. To date more than 12,000 tags have been provided.

As you can see, a great deal is being done to help our community and I’m so proud of our county team - but unfortunately, I can’t list off every achievement in this message. This is why we’ve put together a list of our department accomplishments. It’s a very impressive breakdown and I hope you can take a look.

On a different note, I’d like to invite all county employees and their families to the 30th annual Macomb Community Action Walk for Warmth - an indoor 5k that will be held Saturday, February 29 at Macomb Mall. As many of you know, this event raises funds to assist low-income residents with heat-related emergencies and registration is now open here. Employees that use the code W4W30 will get $5 off their $25 fee, and if you register before February 10, you will receive a t-shirt and finisher medal. This is a great opportunity to get active and help your community, so I hope you’ll consider participating.

If you’re on the lookout for more winter activities, there’s the 15th annual Mount Clemens Ice Carving Show (Jan. 31 – Feb. 2) or the Richmond Good Old Winter Days Festival (Feb. 1). There’s also the MMYH winter fun map, which lists out places to go sledding, ice skating and even snowboarding! Take a look – I’m sure you’ll find that there are many great options for getting out of the house and socializing with family and friends this season.

In closing, and as always, thank you to everyone for all that you do for our residents and businesses. Here’s to great new year!




Employee Focus

Robert Fuller


Robert Fuller joined the county as a temporary employee almost 20 years ago. When a full-time microfilm operator clerk position opened up, he was able to join the county full time. The duties of the position expanded, and Robert became a records maintenance clerk. Eventually, he accepted a position as an inventory and delivery clerk in the Purchasing Department (an arm of the county’s Finance Department). He is only the second employee to serve in this capacity; the employee who held the position prior to Robert held it for almost 30 years! In this role, Robert delivers all county employee supplies, removes bins for confidential destruction, transfers archives to and from the warehouse, moves furniture, collects items to sell at auction, drives a forklift and works regularly with Facilities and Operations for other projects.

“It’s physically demanding; 12 years of going up and down ladders, carrying 25 to 50 pound boxes will add muscle – but it can take its toll as well,” Robert said. The sheer volume of items to move is staggering. In 2019, Robert delivered 3,000 cases of paper alone. When it comes to boxes or packages, he delivered approximately 15,000. “Hopping in and out of the truck constantly wears on the knees, joints and back,” he admitted, adding “But I take a healthy variety of vitamins, aminos and proteins to keep up.”

Robert feels privileged to interact with all the departments he visits. “It has allowed me to see all the various sites, and get to know what [they do] and how they function.” Robert finds his relationships with the people he serves the most rewarding. “Because I work outside their area, I can make little impacts [that] those employees would otherwise not have time for. I have done my best to apply my sense of order and functionality. Disorder would slow everyone down. I save them time so they can focus on their daily tasks. There is nothing more invigorating than being able to have an impact on every person and department I encounter.” Honesty and respect are very important to Robert. “I am trusted to enter every department, and I take that very seriously. I show each and every person respect. It doesn’t matter if you are an entry level clerk or the County Executive, we are all doing our part.” “I will say this,” he shared further, “Press the boundaries and think outside your cubicle. Bring forth your ideas. You never know what may come of it.”

Robert has been married to Gweniver for 11 years; he claims he and Gweniver are “two peas in a pod!” Aside from managing a huge garden, cooking and cleaning, Gweniver homeschools their five children, Edmund, Samuel, Robert II, Nathan and Nicholas. His 16-year-old daughter Cora attends the International Academy of Macomb. Robert and Gweniver operate a baking business, Fuller Belly Baking (a fun play on their last name!). Robert and his family also maintain a flock of ducks. “We’ve raised them up from three-days-old and have had them for three years. They lay nearly an egg a day each.”

When asked what he likes to do outside of work, Robert joked: “A lot of grocery shopping.” Despite taking care of a large family and supporting his wife with Fuller Belly Baking, Robert has served as the head referee for i9 Sports Flag Football, and has been a site manager for various sites throughout Oakland and Macomb County. He likes to do projects around his house and the 4.5 acres it sits on. He enjoys watching football, and specifically roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers. When everyone is settled in for the evening, he paints miniatures for wargames or Dungeons and Dragons.

Robert attended St. John Lutheran School in Frasier, De La Salle Collegiate High School and then attended Macomb Community College for two years.



Employee Accolades

Caroline Franzen, Human Resources and Labor Relations, achieves SHRM certification


In December 2019, Caroline became a Certified Professional through the Society of Human Resources Management – a global organization which serves as a resource for Human Resources standards in the workplace. This certification is globally recognized and takes a fresh and current look at what HR professionals need to know. The program covers behavioral competencies and functional knowledge areas within the themes of HR Competencies, People, Organization, Workplace and Strategy. It will ensure Caroline’s ability to administer human resources best practices regarding leadership, business, ethics and communication, while maintaining professionalism and integrity.

Caroline stated: “I wanted to complete the certification because I wanted to assure my fellow employees, supervisors and external customers that the quality of service they receive from me is backed by a recognizable organization.” Caroline is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Human Resources. “It’s my goal to gain the knowledge I need to serve in the best way possible.”



Mary (Chris) Fleisher, Health Department, named “Unsung Hero” by Hannan Foundation


The Hannan Foundation develops and maintains programs and services for Metro Detroit seniors and promotes creative and purposeful activities that enrich the lives of older adults. Mary Fleisher, who goes by Chris, was selected as one of the organization’s “Unsung Heroes” because over the years, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhance the quality of life in her community, both personally and professionally. Chris stated: “This was a very humbling experience. During the ceremony, I sat next to a woman who was 92-years-old. She was so full of life, and an inspiration. If I can do what she does at 90, that would be great.” Chris said the experience made her realize that anyone can be a productive member of society, regardless of age. She also gave credit to her supervisor and coworkers. “I couldn’t ask for a better team. We help each other, encourage each other. I can’t say enough about them.” Chris’ supervisor, Susan Cusmano, stated: “She is very deserving of this award. She is an amazing woman.”

Is there someone in your office who deserves a “pat on the back” for an outstanding achievement? If so, please let the Macomb Matters committee know about it! Email with the details.



New Hires/Retirees

Dan Durkee retires from Macomb County!


The Macomb Matters team is pleased to recognize Dan Durkee on his retirement from Macomb County! Dan worked in GIS and Mapping Services for Macomb County Planning and Economic Development for 30 years - starting as a draftsman (1, 2, 3 and 4), moving to a communications supervisor, then a senior planner, a program manager and finally a director. Recently, we asked Dan to reflect on his years of service for this newsletter.

What will you miss most about working for Macomb County?

I'll miss my paycheck - work to live, baby! But more seriously, I'll miss the people and career journey.

What are you most proud of in your career with Macomb County?

I'm most proud that I've never used a stapler - I heard they're dangerous. Jokes aside, I'm proud that I had one of the first PCs in Macomb County (pictured) and I turned it into an Enterprise-Wide GIS Mapping system.

What are your post-retirement plans?

My plans are to perfect "doing nothing," over and over, until I get it right. I’ll also serve as a mentor for STEM kids and be involved in my community.

On behalf of the Macomb Matters team, congratulations on your well-deserved retirement Dan!

Click here for a list of New Hires/Retirees



Meet the Warehouse Division

Tracking vital records, inventory and shipments for all Macomb County departments is no easy task. But the Warehouse Division, the team responsible for this work, manages to keep everything in order.

Macomb Matters recently spoke to Debbie Gunn, the warehouse services manager, to learn more about this group and the work they do.

“We are a customer service department,” she said. “Each day is similar in scope, but varies based on the needs of each department or how many file requests, returns, new archives, shipments and orders we receive.”

The Warehouse, which falls under Purchasing, is actually comprised of three divisions with unique roles and responsibilities, including:

  • Records Maintenance (also known as County Archives) - This area stores county records until retention has been reached. Its team picks up storage requests, assigns an archive location, updates the Archive database and logs out and in all records that departments request. The division is also responsible for the confidential destruction of sensitive documents from all of the county departments.
  • Central Receiving - This division facilitates the majority of all purchases made by county departments. They receive items, check them into One Solution, verify correctness, make deliveries to departments and submit paperwork to Finance for payment of purchase orders. Receiving also houses approximately 350 commonly requested inventory items and hosts the annual county auction - as the division is responsible for auction items turned in by departments, stolen and recovered unclaimed property turned in by the Sheriff, furniture, retired vehicles and some forfeited vehicles.
  • The Print Shop - This area processes and produces printed materials for county departments. From business cards to booklets, they handle a variety of items.

“We process a lot of work within these three divisions with very few employees,” Gunn said. “We only have two employees in Records/Archives, two in the Print Shop and two full-time and one part-time in Central Receiving.”

But even with this small team, the Warehouse Division keeps everything moving. For instance, in 2019, Central Receiving delivered approximately 17,000 boxes to various county departments. One year prior, in 2018, Records added, changed or destroyed 5,625 boxes of documents. They managed this process through a database created by IT that allows the team to track a box location from the moment it is shelved to the time it is destroyed.

“This is a very challenging prospect,” Gunn said. “Our team needs to be very detail-oriented, with the ability to multitask.”

Since the division interacts with almost every department, customer service skills are also important. This is where Gunn, who has been with the county since 1981, shines.

“Customer Service is very rewarding and I enjoy helping a department with the many questions and needs that arise,” she said. “I also enjoy helping solve the many mysteries involved in tracking down problematic files or boxes in the archives.”

And with 58,000 possible locations for these documents, this task can be tricky - but the team at the Warehouse Division is ready to get the job done.



  • Photo 1: (left to right) Joe Lozen, Robert Fuller, Debbie Gunn (seated), Kim Cady, Rob Schindler and Angie Stempnik.
  • Photo 2: Records stored within the county archive.
  • Photo 3: Purchased items wait to be delivered to county departments.



Finances, health and wellness in 2020


Welcome to 2020 – a new year and a new decade. For many, it’s a time for reflecting on the year prior and for setting goals for the upcoming year. Two of the most common New Year’s resolutions involve improving health and finances. It’s easy to think of those goals as separate, but really, health and money often have a direct relationship. For example, improving one’s health saves money in the long run; it generally means less illness and disease over time. On the other side of that coin, investing funds in health insurance keeps unexpected illness and injuries from breaking the bank. Fortunately, Macomb County offers assistance for improving health and safeguarding your money.

The Healthstyles program offers many opportunities and incentives for improving health and well-being. Medical, dental, and vision insurance cover many preventative services at low or no cost. In the event of an unexpected illness or injury, county employees can expect to pay copays or deductibles, rather than the entire charge. Some voluntary benefits are designed to protect an employee’s income in the face of an unexpected event, while others are designed to help employees save for future expenses, such as college tuition for dependents, or retirement. Perks at Work offers savings on goods and services to employees. Finally, the county’s employee assistance plan (EAP) provider, Ulliance, has a lot of information regarding physical and mental wellness, as well as information regarding finance management. These benefits and resources go a long way to helping employees reach their health and financial goals in 2020.

On a related note, the IRS has rolled out a new federal W-4 form for 2020. This will not affect 2019 tax obligations, which are due April 15, 2020. This change impacts taxes owed for 2020, which are due April 15, 2021. The new form is very different from previous versions. The changes in the form are a result of the 2018 federal tax law changes. Individuals who use the new form may see a decrease in their withholding, and an increase in their “take-home” pay. Of course, this means they may owe money, or receive a smaller refund, in 2021. If you want to or must make a change, the IRS has a tax estimator and a calculator on its website. If you are going to use their calculator, it will be helpful to have a copy of your current pay stub and your most recent tax return nearby. However, if you are not making any changes to your tax withholdings, you do not have to complete a new form, and your deductions will remain as they are. For more information about this change and the new form, please visit

Happy planning, and happy new year!



Macomb County Department of Roads taking on winter; new painted plow unveiled


The Macomb County Department of Roads is taking on winter operations with the addition of new winter maintenance equipment.

“Michigan’s unpredictable weather impacts our roads, residents and community. Road safety and winter readiness are top priorities for the department,” said MCDR Director Bryan Santo. “We work relentlessly to ensure our snow and ice removal operations maintain a drivable road system for all Macomb County motorists.”

There are more than 4,045 miles of roadway in Macomb County. MCDR is responsible for the maintenance of 1,773 miles and more than 1,100 miles of subdivision roads. The department’s goal is to keep these areas as safe as possible. The following facts demonstrate how:

  • MCDR has 101 snowplows, salt trucks and graders in its fleet
  • MCDR has 129 maintenance employees dedicated to keeping the roads clear
  • On average, MCDR uses more than 57,000 tons of salt each winter
  • In 2018, MCDR spent $8,624,909.93 on winter maintenance for primary, local and state roads

To meet the demand for the winter season, MCDR purchased several tandem axle, single axle and semi-trucks that will be delivered to Macomb County’s service centers in Washington Township, New Haven, Clinton Township and Shelby Township. It also partnered with Switzer Elementary School and Utica Community Schools to paint one of the department’s snowplows. Fifth and sixth grade art students from Switzer Elementary submitted designs to paint the plow in the fall. The winning design was unveiled in November by Macomb County Executive Mark A. Hackel; Bryan E. Santo, director of the Department of Roads; Dr. Christine M. Johns, superintendent of Utica Community Schools; and students from Switzer Elementary.

For the latest news from the Department of Roads, follow MCDR on Facebook and sign up to receive email and text alerts for construction and traffic updates at



Ask IT: How county employees can fend off phishing


Introducing the newest Macomb Matters feature article - Ask IT. In this piece, our Macomb County IT experts offer up advice and best practices for county employees using our shared network.

This month’s edition features insights from Steven Monato (pictured), an information security administrator who has been with the county for four years. Steven is a cyber security expert, which is why this piece will cover information on phishing, a term for cyber attacks that result in security breaches.

Macomb Matters: What is phishing?

Steven Monato: Phishing is a cyber attack that uses disguised email as a weapon. The goal is to trick the email recipient into believing that the message is something they want or need — a request from their bank, for instance, or a note from someone in their company — and to click a link or download an attachment. What really distinguishes phishing is the form the message takes: the attackers masquerade as a trusted entity of some kind, often a real or plausibly real person, or a company the victim might do business with.


Macomb Matters: How can a county employee spot a suspicious email/phishing in their inbox?

Steven Monato: The Department of Homeland Security - Cyber Infrastructure division recommends the following steps to spot suspicious emails:

  • Suspicious sender’s address. The sender's address may imitate a legitimate business. Cybercriminals often use an email address that closely resembles one from a reputable company by altering or omitting a few characters.
  • Generic greetings and signature. Both a generic greeting—such as “Dear Valued Customer” or “Sir/Ma’am”—and a lack of contact information in the signature block are strong indicators of a phishing email. A trusted organization will normally address you by name and provide their contact information.
  • Spoofed hyperlinks. If you hover your cursor over any links in the body of the email, and the links do not match the text that appears when hovering over them, the link may be spoofed. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain (e.g., .com vs. .net). Additionally, cybercriminals may use a URL shortening service to hide the true destination of the link. Credible banking institutions will never request your ID and password through email.
  • Spelling and layout. Poor grammar and sentence structure, misspellings and inconsistent formatting are other indicators of a possible phishing attempt. Reputable institutions have dedicated personnel that produce, verify and proofread customer correspondence.
  • Suspicious attachments. An unsolicited email requesting a user to download and open an attachment is a common delivery mechanism for malware. A cybercriminal may use a false sense of urgency or importance to help persuade a user to download or open an attachment without examining it first.

Macomb Matters: If a county employee receives a suspicious email, should they forward it to IT?

Steven Monato: No. If users have gone through all the steps above and believe it is a fraudulent email, report it as Phishing/ Spam in Google Mail. If on a different email platform, delete the email.


Macomb Matters: If an employee opens a suspicious email on accident, they should never click on a link or download an attachment, correct? Why?

Steven Monato: Correct. Clicking on suspicious links or suspicious attachments can lead to downloading malicious software or ransomware or cause severe harm to the Macomb County network.


Macomb Matters: What if an employee clicks on a link – what should they do? What should their next step be?

Steven Monato:

1.) Report it to the helpdesk at 586-469-5697.

2.) If you believe you might have revealed sensitive information about your organization, report it to the helpdesk at 586-469-5697. IT will be able to assess if malicious software was downloaded or running on the device.

3.) If you believe your accounts may be compromised, immediately change any account passwords you might have revealed. If you used the same password for multiple resources, make sure to change it for each account, and do not use that password in the future.



Update: The 2019 Retiree Holiday Luncheon


In December, Macomb County held another successful retiree holiday luncheon. During the event, over 400 retirees and their guests celebrated their tenure as county employees.

Each year, retirees from all over the country, and all walks of life, come together to share their memories of Macomb County. This year, attendees enjoyed gift basket raffles, door prizes and a fun photo booth. Additionally, the two most senior retirees, Margaret Askew - aged 96, of the Health Department, and Irene Kent - aged 91, of the Juvenile Justice Center (formerly known as the Youth Home), were recognized and celebrated.

Stephanie Dobson, retirement administrator, has participated in the planning of the retiree luncheon for over 15 years. “This event could not be possible without the generous donations of the pension system investment managers and the committee of 12 or so people. The room is always filled with chatter and smiles. Our retirees enjoy getting together each year and sharing the happenings of their lives the past 12 months.”



For Your Benefit

Digital services offered through county health plans


In the Human Resources and Labor Relations Department, we are always seeking ways to make staff's lives easier. Many times that includes incorporating technology to improve experiences, education and access to information, and to make things more convenient. Telemedicine, or telehealth, is an example of this.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines telehealth as the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support and promote long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. Technologies include videoconferencing, the internet, store-and-forward imaging, streaming media and terrestrial and wireless communications.

I am glad to let all of our staff know that Macomb County offers a number of Telemedicine options through the health plans we provide - Health Alliance Plan ("HAP"), Blue Care Network ("BCN") and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSM).

For starters, HAP offers HapOnTheGo, a mobile app. This platform provides for, among other things, information on doctor's offices, doctor's appointments and holds a virtual ID card. BCBSM/BCN offers a similar app that can be found at the app store on your mobile device.

Additionally, HAP and BCBSM/BCN offer American Well ("AmWell"), which provides the opportunity to talk to licensed, board-certified doctors who are available 24/7 for live-secure online visits via your computer or mobile device.

Growing up, I can remember my mom dragging all four of us boys to the doctor because one of us was sick. Invariably we would all end up sick because we all were exposed to the vast array of illnesses that hang out in a pediatrician's office. Had she had the option to virtually visit with a doctor for one of my brothers from home, while allowing the rest of us to continue our daily routine, I think it would have been a godsend. Today, Macomb County employees can do that.

If you are interested in our Telemedicine offerings, you can go to the app store on your mobile device, review these documents for HAP (link to hap pdf) and BCBSM/BCN or call our office for more information.

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable start to 2020.

Andy McKinnon



Perks at Work


Macomb County Government Perks at Work is here to help you start 2020 on a healthy note. Visit and select Health & Wellness under the “See All” tab. Here you can access employee pricing and Perks at Work rewards points on a variety of fitness and wellness products. You can find almost everything you need for fitness, nutrition, wellness and activewear.

Speaking of physical health, don’t forget your financial health. Macomb County Government Perks at Work is here to help with tax season. Take advantage of negotiated employee pricing and tax savings tips to make tax time smooth and stress-free. Visit and click on the “Taxes” category to save!

Below are tips for a stress-free tax season:

  • File early: The latest tax code may impact your 2019 tax year. Familiarize yourself with any changes, and file early in case any follow-ups or corrections are needed.
  • File online: E-Filers will receive their refund at least one week earlier than paper-filers. File online to get your refund as soon as possible.
  • Use tax prep software: H&R Block and TurboTax are able to pull income information from online pay stubs and bank statements, so you don’t have to manually enter it.



Providing support by keeping it casual

Your donations through the Board of Commissioners Casual Day Program continue to support worthy causes throughout the county and the region. This program began in 1994 and has continued to support local non-profit agencies that in some way touch members of the Macomb County community. For the months of February and March the Casual Day program will be supporting Meals on Wheels and the WAVE Project.

Meals on Wheels - Casual Days: February 7, 14, 21, 28
The Meals on Wheels program allows more than 1,700 of Macomb County’s vulnerable population to receive warm meals on a regular basis. This program not only ensures the county’s frail and homebound senior citizens receive a nutritious meal, but it also gives them an opportunity to interact with a friendly face. While your Casual Day donations will support this program, which is locally organized by the Macomb Community Action Office of Senior Services, volunteers are also always needed. Routes are delivered Monday - Friday, typically between 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Volunteers are allowed to select their own meal pick-up site and deliver meals within their own community. To register as a MOW volunteer or for more information, contact Macomb Community Action Office of Senior Services at (586) 469-5228 or fill out the registration form online.

WAVE Project - Casual Days: March 6, 13, 20, 27
The WAVE Project is a local organization that provides mobile showers to the homeless in Macomb County. The founders of this grassroots nonprofit quickly came to understand the barriers that those experiencing homelessness were facing when it came to hygiene services and wanted to be able to provide showers to those in need. In addition to providing mobile showers, the WAVE Project also hosts monthly barbeque events to help those experiencing homeless build relationships, eat a good meal and share their stories. For more information on this organization click here.



MMYH Ambassadors

Macomb Community Action Walk for Warmth


Welcome to MMYH Ambassadors! Where all you need to do is read this article and take the quiz for a chance to win cool county swag! Let’s get started.

In this edition, we highlight the 30th annual Macomb Community Action Walk for Warmth, which raises funds to assist low-income residents with heat-related emergencies. Over its 30 year history, the event has raised more than $750,000. And its impact is real. In fact, just last year, sponsorships and donations helped 37 families and 72 individuals in Macomb. The following numbers tell an even larger story:

  • 49 percent of the families were at 100 percent poverty level and below
  • 21 percent were single-parent families
  • 26 percent were children
  • 28 percent were elderly
  • 26 percent were disabled

These statistics showcase the importance of the Walk for Warmth and will hopefully inspire many of you to participate or donate to the event. Here’s the details that Macomb Community Action just announced:

  • The Macomb Community Action 30th Annual Walk for Warmth will take place on Saturday, February 29, 2020 at Macomb Mall in Roseville.
  • Check-in begins at 8 a.m. inside the mall. The walk begins at 9 a.m.
  • You can register for the event for $25 (per person) or donate through this link: **Use employee code W4W30 and receive a $5 discount!**
  • Everyone that registers by February 10 will receive an event t-shirt and finisher medal.

To learn more about the event, click here.

Now - think you’re ready to complete the ambassador quiz? Click here to get started and stay tuned for the next issue, where we’ll cover a new topic.



Paw Print

Greetings from Chief Randazzo!


Greetings and Happy New Year from Chief Randazzo! Macomb County Animal Control (MCAC) is excited to announce that it has partnered with PetHub to help pet owners leverage technology on behalf of their pets. MCAC is proud to be the first (and currently only) shelter in the state of Michigan to offer digital license tags. These tags utilize both sides of the license. On one side is the MCAC shelter identity, logo and phone number. On the other is a unique license number, and a Quick Response (QR) code, as well as PetHub’s toll-free number and website. A QR code acts like a bar code.


All licenses, digital or not, are automatically registered with MCAC. However, with digital licenses, pet parents can create a free, basic online profile and link the tag with PetHub, using the code on the tag. The profiles can be as robust as the owner likes, and include information above and beyond contact information. For example, the profile can include information regarding any medication your pet is taking, or its temperament. In the event a pet goes missing, the code can be scanned with a smartphone, which will pull up your pet’s profile. The digital tags have a substantial advantage over regular tags, and those personal tags that list a phone number. Digital tags allow the finder to contact the owner directly, and avoid a trip to the animal shelter or vet. Pets and pet parents can be reunited sooner. PetHub also provides an opportunity to subscribe to premium services. This is where the digital license really shines. In the event your pet is lost, you can broadcast the missing alert to shelters with the push of the button. And if your pet’s tag is ever scanned, you will receive an instant notification, and a GPS map pinpointing where the tag was scanned. Pet and pet parent can be reunited quickly, without involving a third party, and without prolonging the stress of a missing pet (on animal and owner). In the event an animal is found by someone who does not have a smart phone, the finder can call PetHub at their toll-free number, or visit the PetHub website.

It’s important to remember that digital tags should not be used in place of a chip. While the digital tag is sturdy, tags and collars can come off, but a chip is embedded in the animal. With a chip, the animal will need to be taken to a vet or shelter to have the data read, so you won’t avoid the extra step as with a digital tag, but your pet will get home.

For more information about the digital tag, please visit Dog License Information. For more information regarding PetHub, please visit



Recipe Corner - Stir Fry Vegetables and Beef



  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 cup shredded carrots
  • 2 cups broccoli
  • 1 chopped bell pepper
  • 1 small to medium chopped onion
  • 1 package fresh mushrooms, sliced


  1. Wash your hands and clean your cooking area.
  2. Mix spices, soy sauce and water; set aside.
  3. Wash vegetables. Slice broccoli and mushrooms. Chop onions and bell peppers. Shred carrots.
  4. Heat oil in a large frying pan and add meat when oil is hot; stir until brown.
  5. Add mushrooms, broccoli, onions, bell pepper and carrots. Cook until they are tender.
  6. Add liquid mixture and cook until bubbly.
  7. Reduce heat, cover pan and cook for two more minutes.

The Macomb Matters Committee would like to thank the hard-working staff at MSU Extension for their recipe contributions. For more information about the programs MSU Extension offers, please visit

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 2 ounces of beef, 1 cup cooked vegetables

4 servings per recipe

Calories…………....240 calories


Saturated fat………..………2.5g




Fiber……………………..…... 3g


Protein……………………… 20g

Vitamin A………………… 110%

Calcium……………...…….. ..4%

Vitamin C……………..….. 120%




Event Calendar

New! Be sure to check out the new calendar feature on InsideMacomb, our intranet homepage.

Make Macomb Your Home also maintains a comprehensive calendar of community events. Be sure to check it when you are looking for ways to enjoy Macomb with friends and family:


15th Annual Mount Clemens Ice Carving Show

Friday, Jan. 31-Sunday, Feb. 2
Downtown Mount Clemens
More details here



My Furry Valentine Adoption Event

Saturday, Feb. 15; 10 a.m - 2 p.m.
Macomb County Animal Control · Clinton Township, MI
More details here



Macomb Community Action Walk for Warmth

Saturday, Feb. 29; 9 a.m.
Macomb Mall 32233 Gratiot Ave, Roseville, MI
$25 Registration fee here
**Use code W4W30 for a $5 discount



Badge Battle Charity Hockey Event

Saturday, Feb. 29; 1 p.m.- 6 p.m.
34400 Utica Rd, Fraser, MI
$10 admission
**100% of the proceeds will be gifted to the children of former Macomb County Sheriff’s Dispatcher Erika Ladas
More details here




Blog Log

Where to find winter fun in Macomb County

Getting involved during national mentoring month and beyond

Mount Clemens moves closer to establishing a live/work space for creatives




News Nook

Macomb County Michigan State University Extension offers Master Gardener Training

Garden mini-grant opportunity announced for southeast Michigan schools

Executive Hackel and Brig. General Mammen sign updated P4 agreement, kick off committee for the Selfridge Sustainability Study

MCPWO grants total $13M across multiple projects


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