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Office of County Executive
Mark A. Hackel

Macomb Matters April 2015 Issue 31 

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New hires/retirees

Click here for a list of February 2015 new hires/retirees in Macomb County.

Calendar of Events

Click here for a calendar of events from April to May 2015.

Macomb County team to participate in CARE bike event - Join the group!


The 3rd Annual Bike PATH: Pedaling Ahead Toward Health event put on by CARE of Southeastern Michigan is back and Macomb County will be represented with its own team.Click here for more information on how to join or donate to this great cause!

Macomb County Health needs your help completing community needs survey

Recently, the Michigan Department of Community Health Building Healthy Communities program awarded the Macomb County Health Department (MCHD) a $45,000 grant.

As a result, the MCHD is seeking all county residents to complete a short community needs assessment survey to help with planning efforts for the grant. The survey has six questions and takes less than five minutes to complete. Click here to access the survey.

With this grant, the Healthy Kids Healthy Futures Coalition, led by the MCHD, will build the capacity of local community partners to address healthy food access and physical activity by assessing community assets, resources and needs. Furthermore, the grant will enable the MCHD to increase healthy eating and physical activity through evidence-based policy, systems and environmental change strategies.

Healthstyles has some great upcoming events for employees


Click here to get informed about all the fun. healthy events Healthstyles has planned for employees this spring/summer season, including a Walk Around the Block event planned for May 13.

Recipe Corner


Click here to get the recipe for this dish: Mexican Lasagna.Maybe something to share for Cinco de Mayo?

Community Event

Don't forget to pass on the news to your favorite senior that Macomb County's largest senior expo is returning this June 12!

Senior fest

Gardening station


Click here for some quick tips from MSUE about gardening.

Press Pass

Below is a list of some positive press that has happened in Macomb County this past month:

KUKA Systems North America expanding in Macomb County, adding 116 new jobs

Grant awarded to expand Early Head Start services

Macomb County to announce freeway cleanup and Adopt-A-County Road programs

First-ever tenants welcomed to the International Landing Zone at Velocity

Blog Log

Our Make Macomb Your Home blog is really becoming a site worth checking in with. We have had over 2,000 unique hits in the last 30 days and numerous employees have jumped on the bandwagon, contributing their own thoughts and ideas. Check out our recent blogs to stay current on the most important happenings around Macomb County. And if you have something you'd like to contribute, e-mail Sarah Cormier at

Getting in the saddle - Trail riding on horseback at Wolcott Mill Metropark

What it means to volunteer in Macomb

Food and agriculture make Macomb one tasty home

McLaren Macomb employees support festival through Team McLaren

Click here to view a pdf version of Macomb Matters.

Mark's Message

Mark casual

It’s only April, but I’m already looking forward to attending one of my favorite Macomb County events: the 4th Annual Sprint and Splash. This year, the event is being held on Saturday, June 6 at Lake St. Clair Metropark in Harrison Township. Sprint and Splash kicks off the day with a 6-mile World Paddleboard Association sanctioned stand-up paddleboard race. Following the paddleboard race is the duathlon, which combines a 5K run and a 2-mile paddle (kayak or stand-up paddleboard). Sprint and Splash also offers a 5K Fun Run and Walk (for those who want to stay dry) and a 2-mile recreational stand-up paddleboard race.

I love competing in this event as it combines both dry land and water fun. Also, the event acts as a great opportunity for Macomb County to showcase the incredible blue economy assets we have available through Lake St. Clair and other avenues.

Last year, we had great participation, but we’d like to see more, mainly from …you – our county employees. Employees can act as great ambassadors, getting the message out about why Macomb County is a great place to live, work and play. I want to form a team of county employees to participate in Sprint and Splash this year. Not only would it draw more participation to the event, but it would be a great chance for us to all come together in support of one of Macomb County’s great assets, the blue economy.

Employees who decide to join our team will receive a free Sprint and Splash T-shirt as well as a discount to participate in the event. To receive the discount, please e-mail Amanda Minaudo (who is featured in this month’s Employee Focus, by the way) at


I’d also like to take a brief moment to announce our newest Assistant County Executive John Paul Rea. JP, a lifelong Macomb County resident, has worked in our Planning and Economic Development Department for nine years. JP is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to Macomb County, and we’ll all benefit from his leadership.

Join me in welcoming JP! I hope to see all of you at Sprint and Splash!


Reminder: County Administration Building parking unavailable beginning May 4

Macomb County’s Administration Building south parking lot is closing for employee and public use on Monday, May 4, 2015. County employees have been asked to utilize the current parking structure on the north side of the courthouse. Limited space will be available for the public inside the structure, and every department should notify visitors of this so they can be prepared upon arrival to use city parking lots available throughout the downtown area.

New Inside Macomb intranet launched yesterday for employees


In our continuing effort to improve Macomb County’s communication channels, the IT Department today launched an updated Intranet site called Inside Macomb to replace the old Macomb Today.

Click here to read more about our new Inside Macomb.

My trip to China

By Pam Lavers, Assistant Macomb County Executive

China 1

Recently, I was invited to join the St. Clair Shores Lake Shore Public Schools administration (my alma mater) on a trip to China. Metro Detroit has some 18,000 residents who were born in China, and many, many more whose parents or grandparents were born there. Persons born in China constitute Metro Detroit’s fifth most populous immigrant group. In Macomb County specifically, Asian/Pacific Islanders constitute the third largest population.

Click here to read more My trip to China.

Employee Focus

Amanda Minaudo, Planning and Economic Developement

By Sarah Cormier, Macomb County Executive Office


If there’s anyone here who knows pretty much everything there is to know about Macomb County’s water resources and blue economy, it’s Amanda Minaudo, senior planner for our Planning and Economic Development Department. Her job takes her from cleaning the beaches of Lake St. Clair to kayaking down the Clinton River all in an effort to showcase some of Macomb County’s most important assets.

Since June 2011, Minaudo, who started out as an intern in the department, has worked for Planning’s Land and Water Resources component. Her job, which, in October 2012 switched to associate planner for the department, has entailed everything from implementing projects that increase public access to water to ecosystem development and event planning. She serves as a member of the Nautical Mile Merchants Association.

One of the major events Minaudo has successfully overseen is Sprint and Splash, an event designed to promote Macomb County’s blue economy.

Click here to read more Employee Focus.


The best part about spring

Finally, it’s spring! We asked our Macomb County department leaders and elected officials what is their favorite part about the spring season.

My favorite aspect of spring is the time change and the longer days. It's nice to leave work and the sun is still out, and the days of leaving home in the dark and returning home in the dark are over. – Richard Wooten, interim director Michigan State University Extension

Jogging without all the layers and cutting my lawn again. – Mark Hackel, Macomb County Executive

Click here to read more The best part about spring.

Macomb's Memories - Macomb's mile roads

By Cynthia S. Donahue, Macomb County Facilities and Operations

Macomb memories

The point of origin for Macomb County’s mile roads is marked by a medallion which was embedded in a stone walkway in Campus Martius Park in Detroit in 1806. This created Detroit’s coordinate system. While Ford Road in Detroit marks the first mile road, 50 Mile, or Bowers Road, in Lapeer County marks the end of the mile roads. 

Many of Macomb County’s mile roads were called different names by local residents who often identified roads by the name of the person who owned the surrounding land. The mile roads are also known by different names in adjacent counties.

Click here to read more Macomb's Memories.

The benefits of being NEAT


When thinking of being a member of NEAT, you might be expecting to join a group that provides tips on how to organize your home or better utilize space in your closet. But did you know that NEAT is an emergency response group made up of Macomb County employees dedicated to serving the community during public health events?

Members of Node Emergency Activation Team, or “NEAT,” are responsible for accepting shipments of crucial medical supplies at a distribution node during a bioterrorism or public health event. This medication would then be sent out to dispensing sites across the county to help save the lives of people who might have been exposed.

Click here to read more The benefits of being NEAT.

Pets of the Month


Mickey is a 3-year-old neutered male mastiff mix that is patiently waiting to touch the lives of his future adopters forever. 


Gabe is a 4-year-old neutered male cat that has been waiting since February to find his forever home. The staff at Animal Control love him, but want to see him find a home even more!

For more information on us or any other available pets, call (586) 469-5115 or visit

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